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Chapter 4

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Problems with Table Leg Array: If you're getting weird and frustating behaviors when trying to use the Array modifier on the table legs, make sure that the leg object and the Empty object do not have any scales or rotations on them when you begin. If there are any on the leg object, use Ctrl-A to apply Scale and Rotation (or Alt-S, Alt-R to clear it from the Empty), and things will start to act as you expect.

Edge Specials Menu: (pg 85, p 6) The text incorrectly states that the E-key brings up the Edge Specials Menu. You actually press Ctrl-E for this menu.

Bridge Faces: (pg 88, p 8) The Bridge Faces command mentioned here is not currently available. When you reach that sentence, simply skip the rest of the paragraph. The following paragraph, found on page 89, contains the manual instructions for completing the rest of the chair.